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7 simple tips to eat well, save money and be sustainable

A hot topic now is definitely the cost of the weekly food shop, with the average rise of 16.5% for thousands of products. Here are 7 simple tips to eat well, save money and to be sustainable.

1. BE ORGANISED – Plan your meals, be aware of what you have in your fridge and cupboards, know what needs using up and write a shopping list, and keep to it! Remember supermarkets want you to spend more, offers will look tempting but if you weren’t planning on buying it then you’re not saving. Also, if you have a list, it will help you forgetting anything, every trip in the car to the shops will cost you too. Don’t forget to take your bags! *Also helps reducing food waste in your home, if you know everything you will buy, you’re going to use*

I don’t over complicate it, I have a note in my phone so I can add to whenever and I group items together to make it easier in the shops (i.e one list for veg, one list for freezer items)

2. PACKED LUNCH – Taking lunch to work will massively save on money, especially if you’re making the most of those leftover dinners! Invest in some good, leakproof Tupperware. *Less single use plastic is used*

3. PRICE PER KILO – Sometimes it can look like you’re getting a great deal, but when you look at the price per kilo or 100g it won’t be the case! Usually buying in bulk, if you know you’ll use it all, will save you money! *Saves on throwing away extra packaging*

4. HAVE YOUR OWN HERB GARDEN – If you love a fresh herb and buy the cuttings, buy a pot instead and if you look after it you won’t have to buy a packet of fresh herbs again! *Reduces plastic waste and we all know that plants are great for the environment*

5. MAKE THE MOST OF VEGGIES TO BULK OUT MEALS – Adding tinned kidney beans and chickpeas, or pulses (good sources of plant protein, which is normally cheaper than meat) frozen peas and berries will add volume to your meals, as well as nutrients and fibre!

6. MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR FREEZER – Leftovers or anything on the turn that you won’t be able to use over the next few days? Pop it in the freezer for another day! I.e Freeze fruit to add to a smoothie, extra mash potato or carrot and swede mash so you don’t have to go through the faff again (My mum loves this one)! Read the labels or give it a google if you’re not sure if something will freeze well *Also reduces food waste*

7. BULK COOK – Saves time, effort, and the time that the cooker is on for, reducing the running cost of the oven!


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